Ciudadanos party leader Rivera votes in landmark Spanish election

Dec 22, 2015 Albert Rivera, the leader of centrist newcomers Ciudadanos party recently joined other Spaniards at the pool as the country decides on a new leader.

After casting his vote in Barcelona, in an election he says will usher in a new political era for Spain, Ciudadanos said:

“I’m sure the Spanish people today are going to vote to demand a change in Spain. I’m really sure that we have an opportunity to say it everywhere, and Europe has to say and has to know that Spain wants a change. So I’m really sure that Spain is voting today for new parties, Ciudadanos is one of them, and I think that Ciudadanos are fighting for victory today here in Spain.”

Opinion polls had earlier shown that the ruling conservative People’s Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will win the vote, but will fall short of an absolute majority.

The Socialists are expected to come second with Ciudadanos while anti-austerity party Podemos is vying for the third place which would make them kingmakers in post-election talks.

Commenting on the exercise, CIudadanos said:

“What I’m very happy [about], it’s the first time Ciudadanos goes to the elections in Spain, it’s the first time we are fighting with all parties, like PP (People’s Party) and PSOE (Socialist party). So for us it’s very important, it’s a very special day. I’m from here, from Barcelona, from Hospitalet, we are voting today, and it’s a party of democratic people, and for this reason I’m very happy today.”

After the votes were counted, the People’s Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy emerged winner.

Commenting on the victory, Mariano Rajoy expressed gratitude towards the electorates.

“We win again, and we are very grateful for the confidence given by 7 million Spanish, because the things are not easy. I think today we have laid a solid foundation for the future. We win the election, with 1.6 million more votes and over 30 more seats in parliament than the second winner,”

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