Davido lashes out at bloggers on negative publicity

Dec 18, 2015 Pop star Davido took to his Twitter account to accuse bloggers of being ever so eager to carry negative news about him rather than the positive ones, as he reacts to the rumour that he impregnated popular Tanzanian model and video vixen, Agnes Masogange.

Earlier in the week, the rumour was going round that Davido had impregnated Agnes Masogange when  Agnes put up a picture of Davido’s popular HKN pendant with the caption “I miss him” followed by another post, a picture of a pregnancy kit that reads “positive”.

It turned out that Agnes’ fiancé Tanzanian actor Rammy Galis is responsible for her pregnancy and not Davido, and Agnes wants Davido to set the record straight lest her relationship with hits the rock.

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