Details of the just concluded US Africa Summit

11th Aug 2014 For health, the U.S. has committed to working with at least 30 partner countries to advance global health security over the next 5 years toward 12 specific milestones. Specific things that will be done are establishing emergency operations centers, building information systems, and strengthening laboratory security to mitigate biological threats and build partner capacity. The United States will also partner with the African Union, in supporting efforts to establish an African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ACDCP). Attention will also be paid to research, non-Communicable Diseases, Tuberculosis Detection and Treatment:, Meningitis A Prevention and Innovations in Medical Education.

For Gender Equality, the United States will work with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, Mali, Rwanda, Somalia, and Uganda, as well as across West Africa, to increase women’s participation in peace-building and constitution drafting processes. They’ll work to advance women’s land rights and mitigate election-related violence. Three new centers to provide business development assistance to women entrepreneurs in East, Southern, and West Africa will also be set up. These are just a few of the plans in the works.

For Youth: the US will work through the Mandela Washington Fellowship which is the new name of the Young African Leaders Initiative.  Four Regional Leadership Centers will be set up in Africa, in addition to online classes and resources, seed funding, training, and networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs. The fellowship aims to reach 1,000 young leaders each year by 2016.

The annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit this year will be held in Morocco and in sub Saharan Africa next year to ensure that all talent is tapped and to make sure everyone has access to the capital, networks and the markets that they need to succeed.

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