Ebola to be eliminated in 2015

There is some positive news in the fight against the Ebola virus as Anthony Banbury, the special representative of the Secretary General and Head of the United Nations Mission for Emergency Ebola Response, has said the number of Ebola cases would be brought down to zero by the end of 2015. He has also said that the end is “not close”, as according to him, “We are engaged in an epic battle,”

Mr. Banbury who praised both international and local efforts has insisted that “the global response to the Ebola crisis has been extremely successful”.

He added that “Going forward it’s going to be extremely hard for us to bring it down to zero, but that is what we will do, I believe we will end Ebola in 2015.”

Earlier this week, the World Health Organization said the number of people infected by the virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea had passed twenty thousand.

The Ebola chief, who admitted that his three month mission had failed to hit its target of 100% safe burials and treatment of 70% of infected people, insisted that with more concerned and targeted efforts at response, victory will be certain.

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