EbonyLife TV Highlights for September 2014

This September, viewers across Africa will be captivated with sizzling, spell binding and action-packed DRAMAS. An African City is the story of 5 young ladies who decide to return home to Africa, each episode is a pulsating new adventure. In Dowry, two feuding families are being forced to an uneasy truce by the impending marriage of their children until the groom disappears five hours to the wedding!

In Learning Curves, five first year students at The Providence University in Abuja who have come from different backgrounds and with varying perceptions about life on campus are forced to live together, against their better choices, as part of the school’s research programme. As the quest for power heightens, the search for love increases as the need for acceptance deepens.

Shuga is a hard-hitting drama that follows the lives, loves and ambitions of a group of young people whose bright lives and fabulous futures are balanced on a knife edge due to their love of living dangerously.

Intrigue meets action meets suspense in Married to the Game when Gloria marries Dr. Vincent Coker in a bid to appease her father, who is unhappy because of her total lack of interest in becoming a doctor and inheriting his hospital.

There will be no shortage of the most thrilling ENTERTAINMENT and showbiz with EL Now bringing you glitzy daily entertainment news, featuring the hottest global black happenings, latest celebrity buzz, African success stories and all things ‘Africana Cool’ across music, movies, TV, fashion, beauty, design and the arts.

Calabar Festivals brings you all the fascinating reasons why Cross River State is the number one tourist destination in Africa, as well as the home of many mesmeric festivals happening each year – from Jazz to dance and music, the biggest of them all being The Calabar Carnival tagged “Africa’s biggest street party”. Each week, Calabar Festivals brings you one of these exciting events.

The Xtra is an amazing MAGAZINE format that offers interesting peeks into the lives of some of the brightest stars and pioneers from the Global Back world, be it in music, film and entertainment. These stars reveal compelling and surprising insights about their lives that have never been seen or heard before!

EbonyLife TV is big on TALK, and the engaging discussion continues with Moments with Mo – the enthralling flagship talk-show which x-rays topical issues and human interest stories in a way that only the first daily syndicated talk show in Africa can!

The Spot is the must-watch youthful ensemble chit chat talk-show with hosts Zainab Balogun, Lamide Akintobi and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu chatting about contemporary issues with a fresh edge and a dash of wit.

Be sure to join Oreka Godis and her fascinating bare-it-all panel of experts on Love Lounge as they uncover juicy, near prohibitive mysteries surrounding love, sex and relationships.

Get ready for an electric assortment of LIFESTYLE programming with EL Runway the mesmerizing, seasonal, fashion forward show. Wardrobe Diaries hosted by Stephanie Coker, delves into the wardrobes of Fashionistas, Celebrities and Stylists. Brace up for dazzling stories behind some intricate and interesting apparels in their wardrobes.

Don’t miss the flurry of captivating REALITY programming showcased with stupendous mastery and extraordinary flourish. In Culture Connects – the customs and traditions of Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and America – from marriage and relationships, to entrepreneurship, fashion and entertainment – intersect in a cultural journey that explores the values that both continents hold dear.

Fattening Room follows six extremely beautiful, feisty and modern women from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya through a compelling journey of self-discovery in the picturesque city of Calabar as they seek to re-discover the magical legacies of the timeless Efik tradition.

Enter the glamorous world of Sistaz! And experience the infinite possibilities, fun and ‘captured on camera’ lives of a set of gorgeous sisters who are ready to make their mark in fashion, modeling and entertainment. Will the bond of sisterhood still hold strongly together after all the unexpected twists and scandalous pop ups that erupt as they pursue their dreams?

Watch your heart melt into emotional jelly with Naija Diamonds – a docu-series showcasing and celebrating some of Nigeria’s unsung heroes and charitable souls reaching out, touching lives and making a difference in their own personal ways.

Laugh a little louder with rib rattling COMEDY on EbonyLife TV as EL R8D – hosted by two hilarious personalities crack you up in easy Lagos-styled pidgin English language and street-wise theatricals. Plus each episode features a countdown rating of 8 nostalgic things original to only Nigeria!

Ojo’s in the House is a pleasantly riotous and pulsating sitcom set around the shenanigans of a middle-class Lagos family. This side-splitting comedy focuses on Mrs. Ojo and all her barefaced, no-holds-barred attempts at keeping up appearances without minding whose ox is gored!

VVIP Events, our MAGAZINE show, will blow you away with our coverage of varieties of corporate and social events, including weddings, birthdays, product launches, award ceremonies and concerts. The show even goes behind the scenes to catch interviews with event planners and hosts.

Touch Heaven and let Heaven touch you with our RELIGIOUS broadcasts. Day Star Christian Centre, where the most recurrent word is change, brings you timely and Spirit-inspired ministrations that will bring unexpected change to your life.

Don’t miss EL Reports – our daily NEWS segment featuring positive, progressive and upbeat African news and stories happening on the continent and around the world.

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