Egypt, Morocco, UAE bans Hollywood Biblical Epic “Exodus: Gods And Kings”

31st Dec 2014 Still in the movie world, EL Now gathered that Hollywood’s latest biblical epic movie titled “Exodus: Gods And Kings’” has been banned in Egypt because the Egyptian censor’s board considers the film historically inaccurate.

The Ridley Scott directed movie tells the story of the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt, led by Moses, having it that the Jews had built the Pyramids and that the Red Sea was parted by an earthquake, letting the Jews escape from the Egyptians while Egyptian history believes that God had miraculously parted the red sea.

There are reports that Moroccan government has also banned the movie, while the UAE has it that the movie will not be released in the UAE.

Is the rest of Africa gonna tolerate it? Best of luck to Ridley Scott.

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