Egypt offers Uganda a team of environmental experts

8th April 2015 The Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda, Ahmed Abdelaziz has promised Uganda a team of experts in modern water harvesting and deforestation to help increase domestic water supply and conservation of the environment.

He made the offer during a diplomatic meeting with the minister of Environment, Ephraim Kamuntu. Ambassador Abdelaziz is quoted as telling the minister that “We (Egypt) would like to get a technical expertise team to come to Uganda and support you in areas of modern water harvesting and deforestation. Look into our proposal and see whether you would be interested,”

On behalf of Uganda’s government, Mr Kamuntu told the ambassador that the government was willing to receive such support to be able to deal with massive deforestation which affects everyone in one way or another. He also mentioned that the assistance would reduce the burden women and children go through with standing in long queues for hours at wells and boreholes to be able to get access to water.

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