EL R8D – Rib-cracking countdown show gets rave reviews across Naija (No be say mai mai)

EbonyLife TV doesn’t seem to have any plans of stopping their steady influx of new, innovative homegrown shows that continue to change the face of African entertainment with the introduction of a pidgin-oriented hilarious countdown show, named EL R8D.

EL R8D is a countdown show with a funny, witty edge that will help our local and foreign audience see and understand the best sides of Nigeria. It is hosted by two funny personalities, humorous Chi Gurl & Wazobia Fm’s Emma Oh Ma God, who relay the show in easy Lagos styled Pidgin English, making it a programme every indigenous person can relate to without losing the foreign viewers attention.

Each episode features a countdown rating of 8 nostalgic things that represent Nigeria and it also includes a segment, ‘Pidgin English Phrase of the Day’, where the hosts teach the viewers “Pidgin” – the universal language that connects over 500 different Nigerian languages, thereby linking every Nigerian, in and out of the diaspora.

The topics that are rated include: Naija Ways, Evergreen Nollywood movies, Timeless hairstyles, Naija Slangs and expressions, Fun Facts about Nigeria, etc.

Premiering on April 6th 2014, on EbonyLife TV, DStv Ch 165, the show promises to reveal the real, unblemished side of Nigerians, who we are and how our cultures define us.

Watch out for the funniest TV countdown you’ll ever see.

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