EU'S tusk more cautious than optimistic about EU-Turkey migration deal

Mar 21, 2016 European Council President Donald Tusk recently insisted that he is more cautious than optimistic about the prospects of reaching a deal with Turkey to halt the flow of migrants into Europe.

Speaking after meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker., Tusk said:

Only if we all work together in a coordinated manner and keep our cool we will achieve success. I am cautiously optimistic but frankly speaking more cautious than optimistic,”

With more than a million people arriving in Europe in 2015, EU countries are looking desperately to Turkey to seal its coastline and stem the flow.

In Ankara, a senior Turkish official said countries like Cyprus should not be allowed to block progress, adding that Tusk’s pre-summit visit to Ankara had not fully resolved issues over the proposed pact.

Tusk went on to say that the agreement must be acceptable to all 28 member states. He also said tbe deal must fully comply with EU and international law.

“And third, the agreement must effectively help to solve the migration crisis and contribute to our comprehensive strategy, which includes getting back to Schengen, ending the wave-through policy, humanitarian assistance to Greece, support to the Western Balkans and of course the reinforced cooperation with Turkey,”

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