FIFA Bans Nigeria from all Football Activities.

15th July 2014 First was the order by a Nigerian High Court that all members of the Nigerian Football Federation had been removed from the position of handling Nigeria’s football affairs. A warning was immediately issued by FIFA that this action was in contravention of FIFAs rules against interference in football affairs. The appointment of an interim management team did not appease the World Football Governing body and Nigeria was immediately suspended from all football activities until the government action was reversed.

The ban is especially painful because it affects all Nigeria’s football activities, meaning that the appearance of the Nigerian female football squad at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup starting on the 5th of August, is now in doubt.

Not about to lose what might be a good opportunity, South Africa has promptly made a bid to replace Nigeria at the competition, affirming that its team is ready and fully able to assume Nigeria’s place at the competition.

In addition to the female Under 20 World Cup, Nigeria’s presence at the African Nations Cup and Club outings are also affected. This is a big deal guys.

We certainly hope that Nigeria and FIFA can come to a resolution on this issue; it would be a shame if so many months of work by the different footballers come to a crashing halt because of this issue.

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