Fish farming project for youths taking place in Mombassa, Kenya.

26th March 2015 A fish farming initiative involving youths has taken off in Mombasa Kenya in a project headed by Governor of the county, Hassan Joho. Thirty wards in the county had a dish farm built in each of them and the new project is expected to create jobs for about one thousand, five hundred youths who will be working on these new farms.

Mr. Joho has said the venture would provide a source of income for idle youth, and encouraged youths to participate in it as the business is rewarding.

According to him, “Most rich people in the country are not rich through formal employment, but through business.”

County Agriculture executive Anthony Njaramba has said only catfish will be raised and they will be ready for harvest in five to six weeks. Each of the fish farm containers will have between 1,500 and 2,000 fish, possibly yielding up to one thousand two hundred kilogram of fish, worth between two hundred thousand to three hundred and fifty thousand Ugandan Shillings.

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