Fraud investigation will not slow Olympic construction, Rio official says

Apr 8, 2016 Olympic authorities in Rio de Janeiro recently reiterated that sporting venues will be delivered on scheduled for the 2016 Olympics, despite an on-going investigation into supposed irregularities at some of the venues.

Speaking to this effect, Roberto Ainbinder, director of the Municipal Olympic Company said:

“The issue is being looked at by the legal sectors of both the city and the company. I don’t know how to answer here now. But, the fact is that the service has already been done. There will not be any standstill that can impact the schedule of the project because the Deodoro projects, the vast majority of them anyway, are done,”

State lender, Caixa Economica Federal, also confirmed that it had suspended payments to a consortium building Deodoro, where 11 sports including rugby sevens and BMX Biking will be held.

“We made it essential to have an equestrian test event at Deodoro which was a great success. And there were things that were not completed for the test event because they were not necessary for the test event. For the Olympics, what is needed is the construction of the Handlers’ Village, which are three residential buildings. There is no mystery here. It is underway and will be done in May. The Veterinary Clinic, which is also a very small, very simple building also wasn’t ready. It wasn’t needed for the test event. It is being completed now. So everything is on schedule,”

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