FRIENDS & LOVERS: Premiering on Sunday 22nd February at 19:30 WAT

After her boyfriend Kunle, leaves her for another woman, Jenny turns to her best friend Frank for comfort. Having just gone through problems with his girlfriend Sheila, Frank also welcomes Jenny’s companionship. One thing leads to another and they end up as friends with benefits during which they start developing feelings for another. But their newfound relationship is put to the test when Sheila shows up, ready to work things out with Frank. Jenny is heartbroken that Frank would even consider working things out with Sheila and breaks up with him. Frank goes to Jenny’s place in a bid to get in touch with her and sees her hugging Kunle. He concludes that Jenny has made up with Kunle and leaves depressed. When he eventually makes an attempt to patch things up with Sheila, Frank discovers that she cheated on him with her boss and had been playing him all along. Five months go by and Frank runs into Kunle who explains to him that Jenny never took him back. Frank rushes over to Jenny’s place and is shocked to see that she’s pregnant. He nevertheless promises to love both Jenny and the baby and is pleasantly surprised when she tells him that the baby is his. An overjoyed Frank proposes to Jenny and she says yes.

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  1. this movie is not available anywhere on the internet for streaming. Kindly make it available on Youtube or IrokoTv


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