From bad to worse – the ‘realest’ crew on TV is back this August

From bad to worse – the ‘realest’ crew on TV is back this August

Be prepared for ‘more crazy’ with season two of On the Real – it’s like nothing else on television

Fans are anticipating juicier storylines and wilder antics, with the television premiere of the second season of On the Real, scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, 2017. This edgy show is about five young and beautiful Nigerian reality-TV stars (Faridah, Wana, Efosa, Amaka and BJ) who lie, cheat and swear their way to fame and fortune, as their foul-mouthed producer, Lolu, struggles to keep their reality show at number one.

The series blurs the lives between reality and their on-screen lives and show what people are capable of doing for fame and fortune. In the second season, viewers will be reintroduced to ‘Auta’, the scheming girlfriend of ‘Efosa’, and will meet ‘Chidinma’, loyal wife of ‘Lolu’, the ill-tempered producer who is cheating on her with ‘Faridah’, the star of his show.

Producer Temidayo Abudu is thrilled with the new season. “On the Real is a unique series which millennial audience will connect to in different ways. With characters constantly getting involved in outrageous and illegal activities, there are no dull moments in the show – it is a must watch every Wednesday,” she said.

In anticipation of the August television premiere, fans are being teased with posters and trailers that show the characters’ worst traits and give a glimpse into what viewers can expect from the dysfunctional relationships in this weekly drama.

On the Real is part of the ‘GenZ’ Wednesday lineup on EbonyLife TV, designed to connect with the young and young at heart.

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