07 Mar 2014 Speaking of perfection, seems the Square brothers aren’t the only ones interested in perfecting and reinventing their trade by way of  self animations as word around town has it that Galatasaray forward Didier Drogba is set to lauch his own Self Animation series titled “From Tito to Drogba”

The series which would show details of his early life and how he achieved what he has today according to the player

‘is a fun way to learn lots of things about me and to show young people that, if they do what I did, they can achieve their objectives.’

The man responsible for the project Gavin Bao says

I met him several times after we did the deal and he really liked the idea of sending a message to young Africans. Some people say I’ve made him too perfect. But he is like that. He is very careful about his image because he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.” 

Editions are first planned for release in Britain

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