Gambling boss warns youth in Uganda against gambling

29th Jan 2015 And in some slightly ironic news from Uganda, youths have been urged to shun gambling. The advice comes from National Lotteries Board chairman, Manzi Tumubweine who said gambling is for leisure and enjoyment and not a means to earn a livelihood or fight poverty, adding that gambling requires consideration, chance and prize.

At a press conference at Media Centre in Kampala, the gaming boss said unemployment has pushed many youth to betting, which they have resorted to as a means of earning a living.

He is quoted as saying “Gaming is not a solution to poverty. It’s a means of leisure. Although the problem in our society currently is mass unemployment, you cannot make money where money is not,”

Manzi Tumubweine also talked about the guidelines which have been put in place to control the gambling industry. For instance, casinos and gaming houses will not be allowed to operate less than 400 metres from churches, markets, mosques and government offices.

He said that such measures will curb luring the public into gambling activities.

There was also some tough talk as he added “If one does not comply with the regulations, they will not be allowed to operate a gambling company. If you can’t raise the amount, get out of business. This is to help improve the gaming industry,”

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