Germany emerges winner of 2014 World Cup

14th July 2014 Let’s give a big shout out to the German team for grafting the 2014 World Cup from the previous champions Spain, after a tough 1-0 battle with the Argentine team last night.

Alas the World Cup of dramas is finally over, leaving us with  gasp-inspiring memories of Nigeria’s Super Eagles feat up till the round of 16, the hurried exit of Spain  who seemed to just drop in to return their title, the Ghanaian’s valiant game with the champions, Germany, who brought Brazil to tears with 7 lashes of goals..

And not forgetting the new star of the Twilightfranchise, we’re  talking blood-sucking Luis Suárez of Uruguay. Thanks for the memories y’all.  We hope to meet again in Russia 2018 World Cup.

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