Ghana sacks 20 judges accused of taking bribes.

Dec 14, 2015 Ghana’s judicial council recently dismissed 20 judges in the wake of bribery allegations stemming from a documentary made by an investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw.

The documentary film indicted over 30 judges and 170 judicial staff; however after investigations twenty judges were given their matching orders.

Commenting on the dismissal, Yaw Oppong, a lawyer in Accra said:

“If the people of Ghana changed their conduct and behaviour then these things will be eliminated or reduce to the minimum but so long as people will take steps to attempt to bribe another person if he’s not be to resist that temptation then even in this case I’m surprised that the people who have also made such an attempt were not prosecuted because it take two to commit such an offence,” 

The film by Anas Aremeyaw, whose real identity is unknown, was birthed out of two years’ worth of work. The film has received widespread praise from the general public, although he has been criticized by some persons for violating people’s privacy.

Abu Pele Bajigah, a resident of Accra, the country’s capital said:

“The government has to expand this thing to other institutions whereby there is corruption there and then corruption will totally be eradicated in Ghana,”

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