Gholly Wood actress Yvonne Nelson goes celibate

11th March 2015 Greetings EL Now peeps!

Let’s start with Ghollywood actress Yvonne Nelson’s recent declaration that she is a secondary virgin this year, during an interview at The KSM show.

The star actress who has once been rumored to be dating Nigerian superstar Ice Prince, Iyanya and most recently fellow Ghollywood actor John Dumelo, has it that she had repeatedly stated that John Dumelo is not her boyfriend – even though the two of them had posted many pictures together on social media.

Yvonne Nelson adds that John Dumelo has a lot of girlfriends.

She has it that men her age are intimidated by her because she is an independent woman; hence she wants a man at least 5 years older than her.

And that is a juicy hint for all the men in need of a secondary virgin.

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