Girls expelled from school after bullying video goes viral

26th Feb 2015 You reap what you sow, is a popular saying, and this has proven the case of three young KwaZulu Natal girls who now face a setback in their education after a video of them bullying and assaulting a younger student in the school premises surfaced and went viral. The schoolgirls, students of Vukuzakhe High School in Durban were recorded slapping, shoving and kicking the younger girl.

An earlier report has it that, the girl was allegedly attacked for ignoring one of the bullies after they had called her. Two of the bullies are in Grade 11 and the bullied girl is in Grade 9.

News sources have it that the three girls were suspended following the incident. However, the governing body of the secondary school did not think a suspension was satisfactory discipline for the girls actions and subsequently sent them home, expelled. The KwaZulu Natal authorities have confirmed the expulsion and the local chapter of the ANC has condemned the incident, asserting that schools should be a place of learning.

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