Google doodle honoures senior learner

15th Jan 2015 Internet giant, Google recently had a really special honour for one unique person. They decided to honour the man who is the Guinness world’s book of records holder for being the oldest man to sign up for primary school.  And they did this by creating a doodle on their homepage in his honor.

The doodle is in celebration of the eleventh anniversary since the late Kimani Maruge from Kenya who aged 84, at the time, went to school for the first time. His reasons for wanting to learn were to be able to count and to read the Bible.

Mr Maruge, who was a pioneer in the struggle for independence from British rule, in Kenya, caught the interest of many when he started school in Eldoret, Western Kenya in 2004. He passed away in 2009 after battling stomach cancer.

According to Dorothy Ooky, Google’s communications manager for East and Francophone Africa, “Kimani Maruge was an extraordinary Kenyan whose passion for education throughout his life shines as a beacon worldwide on the importance of lifelong learning”

She added “Doodles are used to celebrate the lives of famous scientists, artists, and pioneers throughout history and Google is thrilled to feature a Kenyan whose life stood for such an important cause.”

Google said its doodle was a reminder that it is never too late to learn something new.

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