Google Glass Makes its Debut Entrance into Africa through Takealot

18th Aug 2014 In other news, Google Glass, a wearable technology gadget that has an optical head mounted display designed to give the wearer a new Internet experience is making its debut entrance into Africa through South African retail company Takealot.

Google Glass, which is also called Project Glass when worn by a user enables them to use voice commands to carry out actions on the internet without the use of a mouse of the computer keyboard. Google Glass can connect it’s user to all of Google’s cloud services such as Calendar, Google plus, Google Maps and Google place.

According to Takealot they have limited Google Glass units in stock, which sells for up to $2, 557 in South Africa even though it is about half the price in the US where it sells for $1, 500. The higher African price notwithstanding, Takealot is proud to be the first to host Google Glass in the continent and hopes to sell to African technologists and make them the first to own them in here.  Over 19 million Google Glasses have been sold this year, which is three times the number that was sold last year, according to International Data Corporation.

The corporation estimates that over 111.9 million Google Glasses would have been sold by the year 2018. Let’s hope most of them end up in Africa, and at good prices too.

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