Grandmother gives birth to her daughter's baby

Sep 8, 2015 Sherri Dickson from North Dakota recently played surrogate for her daughter and effectively gave birth to her granddaughter.

The daughter, Mandy Stephens, said she and her husband had been considering alternative birth options after losing their prematurely born son.

“Some family members came forward and said ‘yeah, hey I might be a surrogate.’ At first we kind of thought well that’s kinda crazy, cool, we started reading about other families that were doing it,” Stephens said.

Sherri Dickson was chosen as the best candidate for a surrogate, despite having Multiple Sclerosis.

“Pregnancy was so easy. I liked being pregnant. I never minded being pregnant and if it was something I could do for her, why not,” Dickson said.

Sherri went on to say that the only problem she encountered was confirming the pregnancy test result.

“I had to look at the line then I had to put my glasses on and then I had to run down to my husband and I’m, like ‘put your glasses on’ and we’re both looking at it. It’s like, ‘yeah, I’m pregnant’. And then it was like, ‘oh, I’m pregnant’.” Sherri added.

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