Hank Anuku arrested in Ghana

July 28, 2015 First up to Accra Ghana where we hear Nollywood bad-boy Hanks Anuku has gotten into some trouble with the authorities – but this time it’s not really his fault.

We gather the star was shooting a gang raid scene for his new movie Night Scenes in Ghana when police arrested him as well as co-stars George Adu Badu, producer of the movie; Joseph Heisk, Ivy Bentum, Adjetey Roberta, and Elu Heaka Mensah.

The gist goes that that helter-skelter pandemonium set off when passer-bys, motorists and residents heard gunshots from the movie scene and contacted the police about a gang of armed robbers had blocked a section of the road, firing and robbing motorists and other road users.

The police were relieved to discover that the gang was no other than film production company ‘The Rabel Entertainment’ who were using rubber pistols, toy machine guns and firecrackers to shoot the movie.

They should but didn’t have a film permit.

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