Head of UN Ebola fighting force advocates caution

1st April 2015 In related news, the Head of the UN Ebola Fighting Force Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed has advised everyone not to relent on actions that will keep the disease at bay, as the fight against the disease enters its final lap.

He said this after Guinea announced a health emergency in five regions in the south-west and west for 45 days, while also commending the country for their efforts in tackling the emergencies.

Cheikh Ahmed is quoted as saying “On behalf of the international community and the United Nations, I hail this brave decision, Guinea has made tremendous efforts. There have been very positive results but we are now at the most critical moment… the last phase in the fight against Ebola. Our biggest enemy today is complacency,”

WHO said in January that Ebola was finally declining in West Africa after Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone but the fresh cases are concern worthy.

So there, you heard it from Mr. Cheikh. In this crucial time where the virus is in decline we should fight against re-occurrences by practicing safe habits and displaying proper personal hygiene.

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