HNC spokesperson comments on latest round of peace talks in Geneva

Mar 28, 2016 Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee spokesperson Salim Muslet recently spoke about the committee’s positions compared with those of the Syrian government during the latest round of peace talks in Geneva.

Speaking during an interview, Muslet said:

“We diverge a lot with the government. We came to settle the Syrian crisis peacefully, but the government is still using air raids to strike the people. We represent the people, but the Syrian government only cares about the fate of one person (Bashar al-Assad), not that of the 23 million Syrians,”

Although the committee says it represents the interests of Syrians, however the fact that many of its members reside outside the war-torn country has elicited doubt on the legitimacy of the claim.

Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee spokesperson Salim Muslet

Muslet moved to defend this arrangement saying:

“Those who have emigrated overseas used to be in the government prison for many years. They were afraid of being purged after leaving prison, so they fled to other countries. Most of us, however, are still from within Syria. Although they (those who have emigrated) live overseas, they stay in touch with those within the border, and their families are in the country. So it is not the case that those residing overseas do not care about the people living within the country,”

The latest round of negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition forces is expected to continue in April.

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