Hyundai Motors Nigeria opens a Multi-million ultra-modern automobile service facility in Lagos.

16 May 2014 Foton already has stiff competition though as auto company Hyundai Motors Nigeria has opened an ultra-modern automobile service facility in Lagos worth about $2.8 million, which will provide service support for the company’s growing clientele.

The new facility will be equipped with a spare-parts section expected to supply dealerships across Nigeria. In addition, it will also have a skills acquisition centre, to enable the companyoffer technical training assistance to dealers across West Africa.

The facility has been accredited by Hyundai Motors Corporation Korea as the hub for technical training support and West Africa’s spare parts depot and will offer intensive classroom and web-based learning to train technical personnel.

The Hyundai facility is regarded as the largest in West Africa and is expected to offer customers the convenience of being able to get all the services they need in a single location.

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