International Women's Day brings CAR's warring religions together

Mar 11, 2016 International Women’s Day celebrations in Central African Republic recently brought together Christian and Muslim women from across the capital Bangui.

Hundreds of women came out to celebrate the day, which is marked around the world. However the celebrations in Bangui stood as a symbol of unity as both Christian and Muslim women danced together on the streets, after years of violent turmoil between the two religions.

Awa Djakite, one of the participants, said:

“I am excited and happy to see the Christians and Muslims coming together in peace. My mother is Christian and my father is Muslim,”

Another participant, Ngana Raissa Zite said;

“I am very happy about today’s celebration because for several years we didn’t get together with our Muslim sisters. It is a great day. We came from different neighborhoods of Bangui to gather here. I am full of joy and I am very happy because the peace is finally here,”

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