Ireland marks centenary of uprising that led to independence

Mar 30, 2016 Members of Ireland’s armed forces recently marched through Dublin to commemorate 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising that ended centuries of British rule.

Tens of thousands lined streets as they watched the parade snake past strategic buildings seized by the poorly trained insurgents in their audacious attack on the British administration in the middle of World War I.

Ireland marks centenary of uprising that led to independence

Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, oversaw the ceremony, during which he said:

“In this centenary year we honour the memory of those who died in 1916 with the respect and the dignity that is their due. And we cherish, 100 years later, the principles and the ideals contained in our proclamation for which they fought,”

Irish President Michael Higgins laid a wreath at the foot of Dublin’s General Post Office, which had served as a center for the rebellion’s leadership. This was followed by a moment of silence by the officials and onlookers.

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