Japan has donated funds to Uganda to rehabilitate some schools

23rd March 2015 And three schools in Uganda will be rehabilitated through a grant donated to the country by the Japanese government.

The six hundred and fifty five million shilling grant, this is a little more than two hundred and forty six thousand US dollars, was given to rehabilitate three schools in northern Uganda as measures of improving the education standards in the region.
Signing the grant contracts at the embassy was Japanese envoy to Uganda Junzo Fujita, who said the Grassroots Human Security Projects are aimed at promoting sustainable community development.

The beneficiaries of the donation are Eruba and Obiya primary schools in Arua and Gulu districts as well as Namasale Seed Secondary School in Amolatar district, which are usually among the poor performing districts in the national examinations.
Rebecca Bisaso, the head teacher of Namasale, which received some funds for the construction of a girls’ dormitory, commended the initiative, saying it will save female students from putting up in the prostitution-laden trading centre which a number of students have had to put up residence in.
Bisaso said, “Construction of the dormitory at the school campus will save girls from bad company and enable them to concentrate on their studies.”

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