Japan launches anti-terrorism intelligence unit

Dec 10, 2015 The Japanese government recently launched an anti-terrorism intelligence unit in a bid to beef up security in the country following the recent attacks on Paris.

According to reports, the Counterterrorism Unit, set under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will have about 40 personnel in Tokyo and Japanese diplomatic missions abroad.

While addressing the board members of the unit at its launch meeting, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said:

“We launches new unit earlier than our original schedule in the wake of relentless international terrorism incidents…I know that the people of Japan have high expectation to the government in preparing anti-terrorism measures. I’d like to ask you to perform your tasks with renewed tension and sense of duty,”

Kishida also revealed that the anti-terrorism steps are part of measures being put in place as Japan prepares to host the Group of Seven summit in May next year.

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