Japanese PM welcomes north and South Korea agreement, hopes for eased regional tension

Aug 28, 2015 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently welcomed the agreement between North and South Korea to end a standoff which has pushed the divided peninsula into a state of heightened military tension.

Speaking at a parliamentary session, the Japanese prime minister said:

“I welcome the South Korea – North Korea agreement, and I am hoping North Korea will restrain any provocative actions, and that this agreement will contribute to relaxing regional tension and contribute to resolving issues,”

Under the peace agreement, North Korea expressed regret over the recent wounding of South Korean soldiers in landmine blasts and South Korea has promised to halt anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts.

The tension in the region rose early this month, when landmine explosions in the DMZ wounded two South Korean soldiers.

The stand-off reached crisis point when North Korea fired four shells into the South, attracting a reprisal barrage of artillery fire.

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