Kabore wins Burkina Faso presidential election

Dec 03, 2015 Roch Marc Kabore was recently proclaimed the winner of Burkina Faso’s presidential election in.

Kabore, who served as prime minister and head of the National Assembly under President Blaise Compaore, will become the country’s first new leader in decades.

Burkina faso has been ruled by leaders who came to power in coups for most of its history since independence from France in 1960. But the election of the former prime minister represents a pivotal moment for the West African nation.

While announcing the results, Barthelemy Kere, President of the Independent National Election Commission said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the provisional results for the presidential elections are as follows: Barry Tahirou, 96 757 of the votes, 3.09 percent, Tougouma Victorien Barnabe Wenkouini, 50893 of the votes, 3/63 percent, Kabore Roch Christian Marc – 1 868 169 of the votes, 53,49 percent.”

The outright majority vote for Kabore effectively cancels out a possibility for a run-off. Interim president Michel Kafando will step down once the results are confirmed by the constitutional court and the new leader sworn in.

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