Kenya plans to boost power supply

28th Jan 2015 People living in Kenya will enjoy steadier electricity supply in the next three years because of a new project by the Government expected to provide electricity to over 70 percent of Kenya. The good news was shared by the country’s Deputy President, William Ruto in Davos, Switzerland where he addressed all those present at the World Economic Forum.

The V.P disclosed that the government would be carrying out the project in partnership with the African Development Bank and that it would also include infrastructural development which is in turn expected to increase the economic growth of Kenya. V.P. Ruto stated that Kenya is open to investors, and the nation is doing its best to create more employment opportunities for Kenyans and all those living in the country. He added that power is a major priority for the administration because it encourages potential investors.

According to Mr. Ruto, “Kenya is looking forward to generate clean energy. In the next three years we will have 300 per cent supply of electricity. We want it to reach 70 percent of our population.”

According to research, over 600 million people in Africa do not have access to reliable energy, and this significantly limits their quality of life and development. At this year’s meeting of the World Economic Forim, important stakeholders have explored different ways of financing new technology and business models including off-grid distributed energy solutions which can be developed to provide more people with power.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore commended the continent and especially Kenya on the use of mobile phone money transfer, and said Africa needed to light up homes and industries to realize better developments.

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