Libya detains migrants bound for Europe

Sep 10, 2015 According to Libyan authorities, no less than 100 migrant, heading to Europe, were recently detained after arriving at the port of Tripoli. The migrants, who consisted of various nationalities, were apprehended as they prepared to make the dangerous sea-crossing to Europe in an inflatable dinghy.

Ashram Badri, head of the Tripoli coast guard operations said:

“We apprehended yesterday, 110 immigrants near the Qarbolly area, and they were taken to the Tripoli Marine base at 6 AM. They were of various nationalities,” 

Qarbolly, which lies 50 km east of Tripoli, is one of the most common areas through which immigrants travel in Libya. Authorities confirmed that the group was temporarily being detained, while their respective embassies were being contacted.

Libya has become a major transit route for migrants fleeing conflict and poverty by boat to Europe. Smugglers have taken advantage of the current political instability to bring Syrians into Libya via Egypt or nationals of sub-Saharan countries via Niger, Sudan and Chad.

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