Libya needs more weapons to fight 'terrorism' – Army Chief.

Aug 28, 2015 During a three-day visit to Jordan , the Libyan army chief Khalifa Haftar recently solicited more resources and weapons in its fight against militants.

This was made known at a news conference in Amman where the army chief identified Jordan as a good destination for the training of Libyan troops.

“Jordan has good locations for military training. These locations are set up and equipped for both technical and tactical training. This is a great thing, something we are currently missing. Another area is the medical field. This is something we are in need of. We are fighting terrorism in our country, and everyday injuries occur. These injured people need facilities like those in Jordan, which are capable of treating many,” Haftar said.

He went on to say that what Libya needs is more weapons and not more men, in their fight against extremists.

“We have enough weapons, but if were provided by more weapons we will find ourselves stronger. We are not in need of men, but we need weapons, if we increase our arms, then more men will be able to fight these oppressive groups that have come to us from everywhere…we said we are fighting terrorism on behalf of the world, not only on behalf of the Arabs, not only on behalf of Libya. The enemy is a common enemy; terrorism is the foe of the entire globe. Those who came to Libya are not Muslims, Jews or Christians, there is no heavenly religion that dictates what these groups have been doing,” he added

Haftar, who was appointed army commander for the country early this year, arrived Jordan for a meeting with King’s Abdullah’s Advisor for Military Affairs General Mashal Mohammad al-Zabin.

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