Liz Benson speaks on her new movie “Mummy Dearest”

12th Sep 2014 What’s up Africa!

Let’s start with the Nollywood world, where veteran Nollywood actress Liz Benson is back, with Willis Ikedum’s new movie titled “Mummy Dearest”.

The movie, which is set to hit the cinemas any time from now, shows the relationship between a mother, played by Liz Benson, and her son, who feels smothered by his mother’s affections for him, and her idea of calling him every morning to find out how he is doing.

Liz Benson says “I got interested in the role after reading the script. It had a lot of scriptural background which is what attracted me to it in the first place. When I opened the first page I couldn’t drop until I finished it. That’s how interesting it was. And the director and his team made sure it was also interpreted that way with what I saw on set.”

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