Merkel promises to "noticeably reduce" refugee inflow

Dec 17, 2015 Following the surge of migrants in Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently promised to noticeably reduce the number of migrants entering the country.

While addressing the congress of her conservative party, she said:

“We want to and we will noticeably reduce the number of refugees because it’s in the interest of everyone: it’s in Germany’s interest with a view on the tasks ranging from the accommodation of refugees to their integration into society and the labour market. It’s in Europe’s interest with a view on our internal situation in Europe and with a view on our role in the world. And, dear friends, it’s in the interest of the refugees themselves because nobody, no matter why they make the journey, thoughtlessly leaves his home.”

Moving on to money matters, Chancellor Merkel told delegates that Europe is yet to circumnavigate the euro zone crisis. She also added that the mistakes made by the founders of the currency project are yet to be overcome.

“I am saying that although we see success and economic growth in Portugal, in Spain and especially in Ireland we have to say that we have not yet overcome the crisis. The mistakes of the founders of the economic and currency union are still not resolved. The CDU and the EVP will continue to make demands so that we don’t get into such a crisis again. Instead, we must work hard to keep our competitiveness, to have solid finances because the two together create jobs which Europe so urgently needs in so many countries, dear friends.

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