Mogherini says 'concrete' ways to support Libya being discussed

Jan 14, 2016 European Union foreign policy Chief, Federica Mogherini, recently held a meeting with Libyan political parties in Tunisia.  During the meeting, she announced that the EU is willing to support Libya’s political institutions.

Speaking at news conference, Mogherini said:

“I am very satisfied with the meeting we just had, because for the first time, after so many months, we started discussing concrete ways of supporting the Libyan people in different fields; very concrete discussions on the humanitarian support we can give, institution building, security track, all very concrete daily issues where the European Union cannot substitute but can support a Libyan leadership to take responsibility,”

Western powers are currently urging Libya’s warring factions to endorse a U.N.-brokered national unity government. However the agreement faces major resistance from several factions on the ground.

Speaking with this in the background, Mogherini said that funding has been made available to support Libya’s institutions once the national unity government is in place.

“We have 100 million euros which we have already set aside for practical support, from humanitarian activities to institution building, that is ready to be utilised immediately. From day one of the government of national accord’s work,”

Mogherini was joined by Fayez Seraj, the prime minister designate of Libya’s proposed government.

Also addressing newsmen, Fayez said:

“The presidential council met with all it members and we are working on respecting the deadlines of setting a government as mentioned in the political agreement. I wanted to reassure every one,”

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