Move over Nigeria, Rwanda has the happiest people in Africa

1st April 2015 According to data collected as part of the international day of Happiness this year, Rwandans are the happiest Africans, followed by Kenyans. In the interviews recorded, most subjects from Kenya smiled, laughed and enjoyed themselves. Rwanda sat at the top of the list and ranked fifteen out one hundred and forty three in the Gallup Positive Experience Index. Nigeria, South Africa and Namibia were also on the list.

On the flip side, the countries with the unhappiest people in Africa were listed as Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey. The research is measured and rated by characteristics such as respect, laughing, smiling and learning, amidst involvements in interesting things. Data was collected by face to face talk and telephone with a thousand interviewees aged 15 and older from one hundred and countries sampled.

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