New App helps women keep track of their pregnancy in Nigeria

Jan 28, 2016 A new app called Cradle Count App is helping women in Nigeria monitor their pregnancy, while looking out for any sign of complications that could affect them or their baby’s health.

Oyenobi Adebi, an expectant mother in her third trimester said:

“The tips come with a little baby feet icon which is very interesting so it kind of reminds you that you are expecting and makes you kind of excited about your baby, about the baby that is coming because pregnancy can be really hard so you need things to you know… lighten your mood sometimes so the app makes you feel nearer to, or closer to that child that is about coming,”

The android based app accurately calculates the expected date of delivery using the last menstrual period.

CradleCount was launched in November 2015 and has seen over a thousand downloads so far.

Ernest Nwokolo, a member of the team that created the healthcare app, said:

“Once you download it on your phone, on your tablet because it’s an android it comes and leaves an icon of the mother and the baby. SO you can click on that and if probably ultrasound or anything it tells you that — or if you are expecting a boy you can turn to the boy and it turns into blue,”

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