New statue of Walter and Albertina Sisulu unveiled

17th Feb 2015 And a new statue of Walter and Albertina Sisulu which was put up at the Parliament building prior to President Zuma’s State of the Union address last week, is drawing everyone’s attention. While workers put finishing touches to the new statue, some people, mostly photographers and members of the media thronged the entry to take pictures of the colorful bronze statue of Mr. and Mrs. Sisulu holding hands and waving. The sculpture was created by Sculptor Tania Lee who is quoted as saying “This sculpture is a very emotional one for me, because it has a deeper message of unity; it’s the greatest love story,”

Walter Sisulu was a South African anti-apartheid activist and was Secretary General and Deputy President of the African National Congress, at different times. He was jailed at Robben Island and served more than 25 years’ imprisonment, alongside Nelson Mandela.

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