Neymar will play in Brazilian friendly against Honduras.

June 15, 2015 Brazilian soccer star and captain of the national team, Junior Neymar is ready to help defend his nation’s honour at this year’s COPA America. The soccer star Brazil‘s friendly against Mexico on Sunday, June 7, but that was ok because he was helping Barca win the Champions League.  

He however featured in the game against Honduras, with Brazil’s coach Dunga saying at the time “It is the last warm-up game [ahead of the Copa America] so we have to test the players who will start at the competition (Copa America),” 

There’s quite a lot riding on this for Brazil. The nation is the undisputed star of COPA America, winning 4 out of the last 6 COPAS, dating back to 1997. However, their disastrous showing at the World Cup where they were beaten a dangerous 7 – 1 by Germany, has left them severely lacking in football credibility.

With 8 out of Brazil’s last 18 goals scored by him, Neymar is the fulcrum of all that is creative at the national level and the nation will be relying heavily on this young but immensely talented player.

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