NFF To Sign a New Contract With Stephen Keshi and also Agrees to Upgrade his Salary to N7 Million

4th Aug 2014 So, we know who South Africa’s coach is; what about the other sportsperson in the news recently? Well, reports seem to indicate that Coach Stephen Keshi, no-nonsense coach for the Nigerian Super Eagles, might be on the verge of signing a new contract with the Nigeria Football Federation.

Spokesperson for the technical committee Paul Bassey is quoted as saying “We want to work with Keshi for continuity. We don’t have time. We have a match in September, if we are not able to pay more or add to the salary, we should make sure the money is there. Past mistakes have to be rectified. We don’t want to owe, and not be in a hurry. Coach Keshi had requested to be paid N10million monthly but it has emerged that the NFF has now agreed to upgrade his salary to N7million, still an increase from the N5million he was earning before.

Apart from issues with his salary, Stephen Keshi had also complained about the absence of an official house or car for him, as well as the NFF’s refusal to pay his assistant’s salary, meaning that he had to pay it himself.
I’m sure many Nigerians will agree with us when we say “Look, sort this all out already so that we can turn our attention to enjoying beautiful football.

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