Nigerian government officials to get paycuts

20th March 2015 The latest austerity measure by the Nigerian government is the order from the presidency that thirty percent should be severed from the welfare package of government officials in the country.

The cut will affect the President, his ministerial appointees, and heads of government agencies and parastatals. In a statement by Dr. Bright Okogu, the Director General, Budget Office of the Federation “Political office holders’ salaries are being cut by between twenty to thirty per cent, ranging from permanent secretaries, directors’ general and so on all the way to ministers. This, however, does not amount to very much, but the purpose is to show the commitment of this administration that if they want to make adjustment, they want to do it and lead by.”

It is recalled that Former Nigerian president, the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, also tried to do this when the country faced a similar oil crisis right after he took up leadership in 2007. However, his efforts were stalled by bureaucratic protocols, and eventually never saw the light of the day.

The new development has appealed to many people in the country who feel that the government should share more of the plight of the citizens.

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