Nigerian president urges deeds to match words of new development agenda

Oct 01, 2015 Necessitated on the backdrop of the worse refugee crisis since the Second World War, world leaders recently adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a bid to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change.

While addressing the 193 member nations of the assembly, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said:

“The declaration that we have adopted today testifies to the urgency and the necessity for action by all of us. It is not for want of commitment that previous initiatives have failed or could not be fully realized. What seemed to be lacking in the past were political will and the required global partnership to pursue and implement the programs to which we committed ourselves. It enjoys global concensus to deliver as one and to leave no one behind. This is a promise worth keeping.”

The ambitious agenda, which will replace the Millennium Development Goals, will address issues ranging from education to environment. With a big globally push to win public support, the goals will be implemented over the next 15 years.

President Buhari went on to highlight the strides being taken by his administration to revive the Nigerian economy.

“You excellencies, mindful of this, I wish to reiterate Nigeria’s commitment to the pursuit of transparent and accountable fiscal and economic management. We are taking measures to improve and streamline internal generation of revenue and to block all loopholes that have lead to illicit capital flight from Nigeria. We are also putting in place mechanisms to prevent oil theft and other criminal practices that are detrimental to our economy. We are taking concrete steps to address pressing environmental challenges, especially in cleaning up the greatest ecosystems caused by oil seepage, land erosion, desertification and floods. The threat caused by climate change is real and present in our country. It is my hope that as we embark on this renewed journey we will match our words with deeds so that 2030 when this Assembly will meet the people of all races and creeds will say that we have kept faith with each other. Your excellencies, I thank you for listening. Thank you very much.” 

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