Nigerian publisher releases new generation of African romance novels

Jan 22, 2016 Nigerian publisher, Ankara Press, recently launched a new series of African romance fiction books targeted at young readers on the continent.

The new romance books bring to life tales of independent African women who fall in love with upwardly mobile men in cities across the continent.

Commenting on this, Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, founder of Ankara press said:

“I wanted an imprint that would focus on the reality or the realities of the African women on the continent and African men and allows us to re-imagine African masculinity in a different light. Those were the kinds of things that inspired the setting it up,”

Amara Nicole Okolo, an author with Ankara press said:

“I think we’ve evolved because now we are writing our own African stories, we feel more connected with it, the Mills and Boon is of course western, the western phase of love that sometimes they use imagination and all and sometimes you find out that it’s kind of very different from what we here Africans experience as romance and what we feel is romance so I think we have evolved in that aspect because we are now writing our own stories, we are now fitting in ourselves into that position of loving someone and being loved in return so I would say we have evolved,”

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