Olympic torch mounted on Copacabana Beach to inspire Clean-up effort

Sep 24, 2015 As part of the “Clean-up the World Day 2015”, the Olympic torch was recently taken to Copacabana Beach in a bid to inspire the clean-up efforts on Rio de Janeiro’s bustling beaches.

Organized by local NGO, Aqualung in partnership with Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola, the event brought together school children and their parents in a light-hearted competition for who could collect the greatest amount of rubbish.

Flavia Silvia dos Santos, a mother of two, spoke on the initiative saying;

“It is great, it has mobilized us to take part in this exercise which integrates us with our city, especially as the Olympic Games are going to take place in our city. I think it is fundamental that we take part as it is going to leave something behind for our children and the city,”

Teenager Maria Clara Buqueque and friends decided to take part in the cleanup, which they hope will attract more volunteers.

“This helps to promote (the initiative) one year before the Olympics, so that next year it happens again and more people come to help clean the beaches,” said Buqueque.

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