Over 100 international cyclists prepare for Titan Tropic Cuba

Dec 09, 2015 About 150 competitive mountain bikers recently converged in Havana for the Titan Tropic Cuba.

Prior to the main race,  the cyclists rode down the streets of the picturesque capital city, passing through Revolution Plaza, the Capitol and the Malecon before arriving at the Plaza de Armas, where they checked in with organizers.

Commenting ahead of the main race, cyclist Olga Echenique said:

“Yes, there’s much mud, which requires much more technique and it’s much harder, especially now. It depends on the weather. If it doesn’t rain much, it’ll be easier to pass (the other cyclists); if not, it’s really hard,”

In sharp contrast, Race organizer Juan Porcar said he was very enthusiastic about the setting.

We’ve discovered a marvelous part of Cuba because all of that area is perfect to do mountain biking, no?”

Also commenting on the race, Colombian Diego Tamayo, winner of the last Titan Desert said:

“The issue of humidity, the issue of the heat that will affect us a lot, but above all the humidity. We have to watch our hydration. Regarding my rivals, well, it’s hard to say, no? We’re all in a new place that will be challenging for everyone; let’s see what happens. It’s a surprise for all of us. We all want it. We all have the dream,”

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