Paralympic powerlifting test event held in Rio

Jan 25, 2016 Sixty Paralympic powerlifters from 19 different countries showed their migh at a three-day test event at Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Park ahead of competition later in 2016.

The Paralympics qualifying process for powerlifting will be done according to the sport’s ranking set to be determined by the end of February.

The powerlifters will also take part in two more competitions scheduled for next month in Malaysia and Dubai before the results are finalised.

The powerlifting warm-up event at the Carioca Arena 1 was the 22nd of the 44 test events slated ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The goal  of the test event wass to fine-tune volunteers, organisers and logistics in general ahead of the official Games.

The competition opened with the women’s category with Brazilians taking the first and third places.

Powerlifter Maria Rizonaide da Silva, who won the gold medal, said:

It’s (the stadium) great, perfect. I believe Brazil is prepared to host this great event, which is a big dream for all Brazilians. I remember that in 2008 I went to the Paralympic Games in China, which by the way I placed fifth, and I would dream about hosting such an event in our country and now we are being able to fulfil that dream and with great chance of winning a medal,” she said.

The Sports Director of the Rio 2016 Committee, Rodrigo Garcia, commented on the success of the various test events saying:

“Of the 22 test events we had so far, I think the outcome was positive. We still have a big challenge ahead with 23 (test events) and later on with the Olympic and Paralympic Games themselves. We are feeling quite comfortable with the test events that have been held, but we still have huge challenges such as track and field and swimming which are yet to happen and then we’ll have the Games,”

Paralympic powerlifting is an adaptation of the sport for athletes with disabilities.

Any athlete with a minimum level of disability who can extend their arms within 20 degrees of full extension during a lift are eligible to compete.

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